Flash Development

by byamabe on July 22, 2008

My first/last game was based on Torque Game Builder. While it did have some nice things for game development, it is a little heavyweight for the types of game I want to try to build, and having to package applications feels so 90’s. So, I’m going to be using Flash as my development platform, it doesn’t have some of the game specific functionality of TGB, but it’s lightweight and deploys just about anywhere. I may go back to TGB if I build a larger game, but for now, Flash is it.

Most of the tutorials and books on Flash development that I’ve gone through start with dragging and dropping stuff around in the Flash application. Inevitably, as things get more complex, most of the development is done in editor and very little is done using the UI constructor except for splash screens, buttons, and backgrounds. From my understanding, you can do all of this programatically which I’ve done similarly in the early days of Swing. The Flash editor is not my idea of a great text editor so I went looking for a way to do Flash development without the Flash application. I found this nice article on using TextMate and the Flex SDK to do development. I’ll go into a little detail on how this is working out in the next post.

So, I’m all set. I’m doing Flash development without Flash and I’ll be updating my progress as I go, so stay tuned…

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