Game Review: The Last Stand

by byamabe on January 9, 2009

The Last Stand is a zombie survival shooting game. The goal is to survive until someone can come and rescue you. You start the game alone with a hand gun and a barrier. Zombies approach you and you need to “kill” them before they knock down your barrier and kill you. If you survive a day, you can either look for other survivors (they can use weapons to kill zombies), look for better weapons (to kill zombies faster), or fix any barrier damage.

Is Killing Zombies Fun?

It’s not for everyone, but The Last Stand was entertaining. The actual killing of the zombies wasn’t all that interesting to me. Because of the side perspective of the game, shooting is not a precision exercise. You aim the gun in a general direction and the bullets hit whatever is in the way. This shooting mechanic puts more emphasis on how fast you can shoot than how accurate you are. This then puts focus on finding better weapons and survivors. Testing different strategies for allocating time was what kept me interested.

Is It Hard?

The Last Stand isn’t very difficult. It feels more like a casual game, just not in your typical casual game genre. It was easy to pick up and not to difficult to beat. One problem was that I first played it on an older machine and this actually made it easier to win. When I went to a faster machine, I had to adjust strategies a little, but was still able to beat the game.


So I could go a lot of different directions on this one. Zombies and the undead don’t really lineup well with a Christian world view. Neither does the kill or gore. It also has the common American themes of individualism and progress. I’m going to put the best construction on things and point out something very Christian. You can’t win this game by defeating the zombies and you are rescued in the end. This is analogous to what Christians believe. We understand that we can’t defeat sin, death, and/or the devil; we are rescued from them by Christ and His perfect life, death, and resurrection. The Last Stand doesn’t preach the Gospel, but its victory condition is inline.


While not a game for everyone, The Last Stand is entertaining for those looking for a little shooting, a little resource allocation, and a lot of good ol’ zombie killing. And with a little stretch, you can find a worldview that doesn’t stand in opposition to Christianity.

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