Game Review: Dodge

by byamabe on January 19, 2009

Dodge is kind of a throw-back game. It’s basic space shooter reminiscent of Space Wars and Asteroids. However, one big difference is that your ship has no weapons.

No Weapons!?!?

In this age of weapon power-ups, how can you have a game where the player doesn’t even have a weapon? Well, in Dodge, you do exactly what the name implies, you dodge the weapons that the enemies fire at you. The weapons are torpedo-ish in that they follow you for some amount of time before either hitting something or exploding. Your objective is to maneuver in such a way the the weapons hit the enemies instead of you.

Weapon Less Fun

I must say, I rather enjoyed the first five or so levels. Avoiding the weapons in such a way as to make them hit the enemy was an interesting change to trying to hit the fire button as fast as possible. But after that, things got a little tiresome. My hand and arm started getting tired from the keyboard movements and while there were some weapons advancements by the enemies, but nothing that really changed the game.


This game is pretty basic nihilism. There not much point other than to avoid, destroy, and survive. There’s no narrative, grand story, or objective. In this respect, it is very much like those early arcade classics. I don’t know whether it was an extension of the worldview of the creators or a way to get kids to keep popping in quarters.


Dodge is well executed and pretty fun for a short time killer. It’s lack of objectives and physically tiring keyboard controls make for limited replayablity.

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