Top 5 Nihilistic Retro-Games

by byamabe on April 8, 2009

Today’s (actually yesterday’s) exercise in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge, is to write a “list post.” So here’s my attempt to comply.
Nihilism is a worldview that holds there is no value or meaning in life, it just exists. Here are my top 5 retro-games that exhibit this worldview.
5. Defender
I’m defender of the planet. The aliens waves never stop. The aliens get stronger if they merge with those I’m pledged to protect. Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill most of the inhabitants to prevent the super aliens?

4. Donkey Kong
I dodge barrels, fireballs, and springs. I climb oddly configured construction sites all to stand face-to-face with the object of our affection who is continually whisked away by a big gorilla. Why won’t she run away with us? Girl, he’s not even paying attention to you. Get out of there!!!

3. Night Driver
Where in the world am I driving to? Why does this road never end? Why did I pay to play this? Why did I think this was fun?

2. Asteroids
You are alone, surviving a never-ending onslaught of asteroids and the occasional alien ship who may help or hurt your cause. Deep space is a lonely place, but at least you’re armed.

1. Pac-ManA never changing maze, bad guys chasing you, and a incessant siren blaring. Your only reprieve is an occasional power-pill that lets you turn the tables on the bad guys for a short time. This is the bleak world of Pac-Man.

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